Can it get any better? The new SLRV Adventurer 4×4

Its now in its MK3 series and the SLRV Adventurer 4×4 is better than ever. From the ground up, the Adventurer has been redesigned, reconfigured and remanufactured. The new and superior 3 point torsion free chassis provides the basis for the new frameless composite panel construction. Inside, the floorplans have evolved into a near perfect use of space. High quality materials, new LED lighting strips and high end electrical appliances fill the interior and make it function more like a home unit than an RV. SLRV’s advanced power systems don’t just power these appliances, they also enable it to recharge at extremely high rates while on the go. Can it get any better…….well the team are always working on it – but with the new Adventurer 4×4, you cant go wrong.