USA build nearing completion (2022 M2 106 FREIGHTLINER 4×4)

As the USA is well renowned for being the home of some of the best RV’S and offroad 4x4s in the world, it’s always an honor being approached by someone from overseas, wanting SLRV Expedition Vehicles to build them the ultimate offroad expedition truck.

The Freightliner is no exception for an exciting build like this.

The 2022 M2 106 Freightliner 4×4 is a perfect fit for our iconic SLRV design and styling and will definitely be a force to be reconned with for any terrain that the world can throw at it.

As we’ve had all hands-on deck with this build, it has progressed very smoothly and is really starting to take shape.

With a delivery date set for early 2023, we can’t wait to see the final pieces come together and complete this ultimate offroad expedition vehicle.

Stay tuned.