New MK3 Adventurer to feature 3 point torsion free chassis

The original SLRV Adventurer MK1 was created over 10 years ago now and has seen some noticeable changes throughout the years. The MK2 model saw the introduction of the squared up body shape to incorporate electric lift up beds, increased departure angle and recessed rear tyre platform.

Now, the Adventurer MK3 introduces a completely new chassis platform and full composite panel construction. The 3 point torsion free chassis is just that – its torsion-free! Outdated spring mount systems still transfer substantial force back into the body – which is why SLRV retained its composite laminated steel frame design in the MK2 model. The new system allows the truck chassis to ‘twist’ freely as it should. This increases the trucks ability to keep its wheels on the ground and to keep you moving forward through the rough stuff.

Water systems are also updated, with insulated internal tanks and lines – so they don’t freeze up in sub-zero conditions. It all results in a truck that is now ‘world standard’ in terms of its design and construction – the only Isuzu 4×4 based unit of this standard, on offer in Australia. Perfect for the harsh Australian climate or world touring. Under construction now @ SLRV.