The brand new 2023 IVECO Daily 70-180 4×4 arrives at XHQ


We’re excited to have these two very capable 4x4s in at XHQ, and we’re ready to work our SLRV magic to transform them into true off-grid Expedition Vehicles.

A popular platform for expedition vehicles, the new Daily 4×4 still possesses the previous model’s capabilities in this area, whilst offering new levels of refinement.

The updated model introduces independent front suspension which assists with the overall ride dynamics. The rear suspension remains the same with the iconic parabolic three-leaf setup, ensuring the vehicle continues to offer generous flex and load carrying capabilities.

A notable improvement to the new model, is the implementation of IVECO’s market-leading 8-speed full automatic transmission. In off-road and difficult navigating conditions, the transmission provides a relaxed driving experience as the automatic allows the driver to keep both of their hands on the wheel, thus increasing their attention on negotiating obstacles, rather then shifting their hands to change gears.

The full automatic provides superfast gear changes and offers seamless integration with the truck’s Euro 6, 3.0 litre turbodiesel engine, resulting in a flat torque band and extremely efficient use of the powerplant’s 132kW (180hp) and 430Nm. A 6-speed manual transmission continues to be offered for those who prefer to self-shift.

These adjustments to the comfort and drivability don’t mean that the new Daily 4×4 has gone soft though.

As standard, the new models feature center, front and rear differential locks to provide high levels of traction off-road. The transfer box also has a PTO option, allowing power delivery to a broad range of ancillary equipment. An expansion module with CAN open interface allows further customization of bodies and accessories.

Braking in the new model comes courtesy of ventilated disc brakes all round with ABS and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, part of IVECO’s broader ‘ESP9’ program which offers a range of active safety equipment including Electronic Stability Program, Anti Slip Regulator, Hill Hold Control and others. The overall safety package also includes driver and passenger SRS Airbags.

A substantial amount of interior cabin changes have also been introduced to the new model to further improve ergonomics and connectivity.

Overall, we’re very impressed with the changes that the new Daily offers and predict that with the introduction of our new MAK 4 living quarters, the once compact off-grid Expedition Vehicle won’t be that compact anymore, hence offering customers a wider range of vehicle platforms to choose from.

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