European Tour

Drive through remote areas in Australia then you can do it overseas.

If you are lucky enough to be in the position in life to own an SLRV then the world’s your oyster; you have the perfect vehicle to travel overland to remote areas; to get off the beaten track and discover those mind-blowing campsites; the type of places that SLRV owners love to visit.

Marina and I bought our Adventurer in 2011 with the idea of setting off to tour the World’s more remote areas. This wasn’t because we didn’t want to see Australia first but rather, let’s do the more adventurist places while we are on the younger side of life and in later years we can spend our days in the comfort of our own backyard. Mind you we have already travelled in our Adventurer from Brisbane to Broome and much in between but that was two enjoyable shakedown trips as a prelude to shipping to Singapore in 2013. Since then we have driven 88,000km to Nordkapp the most northern point in Europe and to Capetown in South Africa.

We have loved it and the point is, it’s easier than you might first think. If you can drive through remote areas in Australia then you can do it overseas; the only difference is that there are borders, and cultural differences but with the right attitude, that’s the challenge, the excitement and the adventure. We’re not trailblazers; the ‘overland community’ is vast and always exchanging ideas, the latest tips and help in general.

The point is, yes, we should travel within our ‘comfort zone’ but if your desire is to expand your boundaries yet a lack of confidence is holding you back then believe me it’s easier than you think – go for it and make full use of that SLRV – its perfect for the trip! We love it