This Week at Expedition HQ we were lucky enough to spend a bit of time with YouTube sensatitions Garry and Heather from Team Dtour as they brought their ComMANder in for some upgrades.

This year, they took delivery of a brand new SLRV ComMANder 4×4 and set out to travel the most remote parts of Australia.

Naturally, as they began their first trip, they decided to film their adventures and upload them to YouTube to help remember them by and to share their experiences with the wider community.

Little did they know, that there were a lot of interested people out there, excited to follow their videos, and this hobby, quickly turned into something a bit bigger then they were expecting.

We’re always excited to hear from our customer’s and how their vehicles are going out on the road, and Garry and Heathers story really is a true testament to the build quality and design of our builds.

Feel free to follow them or subscribe to their YouTube channel and watch their exciting adventures around remote parts of Australia in their fully equipped offgrid Expedition Vehicle.